Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Training

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Training

Beausejour Brokenhead Development Corporation will be hosting a FDI Training – Level 2. This training is especially prepared for Economic Development Practitioners and Municipal Leaders to learn how to complete the Request for Information (RFI) to meet the Site Selector criteria and to be considered for further selection.

Often the companies are hiring Site Selectors to provide them the best location to invest. Reputable, well known site selectors have proven methodologies and produce impressive results in resolving the specific needs of their clients; they can consistently produce project results that directly benefit a company’s bottom line and therefore, large companies like Wal-Mart use site selectors extensively to search out new market opportunities. The Site Selectors are sending RFI to Economic Development Practitioners….and we NEED TO BE READY!!!

Please see attached Registration Form.

For more information contact:

Anna W. Mondor, M.Sc(Eng),MBA
Marketing Director
Beausejour Brokenhead Development Corporation
Box 1741
R0E 0C0