The mission of The Pinawa Chamber of Commerce is to encourage the growth and sustainability of Pinawa by supporting business and employment opportunities. The Pinawa Chamber of Commerce will foster a progressive business environment by promoting the following core values:

    • Service: Actively identifying and meeting the needs of member businesses to retain, energize and grow our present business community.
    • Sustainability: Encouraging existing and new businesses to better utilize and further develop our resource, service, research and manufacturing base. Honour and respect our natural surroundings while embracing new opportunities.
    • Innovation: Proactively implementing new ideas and improvements for local and regional economic growth.
    • Cooperation: Creating synergy between business, local government and economic development bodies, and residents to achieve economic success.
    • Opportunity: Ensuring the local business community has access to the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Affinity Programs and takes advantage of the Manitoba Chambers’ lobbying opportunity to both Provincial and Federal governments.
    • Communication: Communicating effectively with businesses, local government, and residents to share and receive information beneficial to our economic growth and stability.
    • Integrity: Hold local government accountable and transparent in business issues.

Board of Directors for 2023-2024

    • Gisele Clark
    • Connor Riach
    • Steven Simpson
    • Alicia Busch
    • Eric Busch