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Contact: Arlene Bohn
Work 24 Aberdeen Ave. PO Box 456 Pinawa Manitoba R0E 1L0 Work Phone: 204 753-2052

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Pinawa Art 211 Inc. is a non-profit art organiztion. It’s mission is to promote, educate and suport local area artists. this is done through initiatives such as the Art Gallery, the Art Exploration room, Just Art Talk (JAT), markets, sales, shows, worksohps and fundraisers

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Contact: Shane Li
Work S16-24 Aberdeen Ave. Pinawa Manitoba R0E 1L0 Work Phone: 204 753-5172 Website:

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Pinawa provides unique opportunities for business development and expansion, limited only by imagination… and imagination is unlimited in Pinawa!

With our experience and innovation, a history to build on, and fresh ground to break, you can join a legacy of community members who have made scientific breakthroughs, invented exciting new products, and launched global companies. With this level of prosperity come many opportunities for smaller scale and home-based operations.

Pinawa’s top priorities are to maintain flourishing business sectors and nurture an outstanding quality of life.

Our prosperity is a result of our rich natural resource base, the abundant clean water and air all around us as well as the wealth we have created through enterprising and creative economic activity. Here in Pinawa, jobs, income and investment create and sustain good fortune for all citizens.

Along with an abundance of existing and potential infrastructure on commercial and industrial land, our community offers valuable municipal tax incentives and an opportunity to succeed alongside many other innovators in business.

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Work 2 Vanier Ave. Pinawa Manitoba R0E 1L0 Work Phone: 1 866-858-3556 Work Phone: 204 753-2357 Website:

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Welcome to the Pinawa Motel!

We are a four seasons recreation destination in beautiful Pinawa, Manitoba. Famous for its proximity to nature and wide variety of recreational opportunities, Pinawa welcomes visitors all year round.

Whether you are an avid skier or snowmobiler, a hiker or cyclist, a bird watcher, photographer or just looking for a beautiful place to bring the family, Pinawa has plenty to offer.

The Pinawa Motel is situated in a quiet corner of town. Our guests are a few short steps from the river, trails and other attractions such as our iconic sundial. Local coffee, the marina and shopping centre are still within easy walking distance.

We hope to see you soon!

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Contact: Rick Backer
Categories: Travel & Tourism
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